Here are the lyrics to my albums -- enjoy!

Once Was A Time

Once Was A Time

I stood 'cross the street from the church last night
At the corner of Simcoe and Clare
I watched as your friends poured out onto the steps
With laughter and rice in the air
And just for a moment you glanced up and you caught
My eye and I caught my breath
there once was a time when that might have been us
But that time just packed up and left


There once was a time when our future was present
There wasn't a past to forget
There once was a time when our shoes sat together
But that time just packed up and left

I turned back up Simcoe, wet salt on my cheeks
And the clatter of tin cans and cars
I walked up the drive to the four walls that
Once held the quicksilver love that was ours
Recalling the image of you in your black suit
And her in her 'I-got-you' dress
There once was a time when that might have been us
But that time just packed up and left

Old Cold Time

You come home late and I say I believe you
Or at least that's what I tell myself each time
But every lie you speak with guilt upon your sorry face
builds a higher mountain for my trust to climb


Old cold sorrows kept you near me
But new tomorrows will see you gone
And I wonder what she's giving you that you don't get from me
As I watch that old cold time keep movin' on

She's really not the beauty I imagined
What have I done to make you pull away
We've been best friends and lovers since the first year that we met
Why can't we just return to yesterday

We've been through times of trouble, times of ease
And I thought we'd always be each other's rock
I guess the years have stripped away the layers of our lust
And old cold time has stopped our lover's clock

The Better Parts Of Me

My father was a seaman upon the mighty lakes
No mariner on oceans, he just sailed for fishing's sake
He'd drop his anchor, cast his line and tally what he caught
Then cruise that Red Ram Engine back to dock

He was a humble carpenter; built every boat he sailed 
Sawed every board and hammered every rove and copper nail
From Seafleas up to cruisers and each bore a daughter's name
Those glory-days in photos still remain


He was a man of chosen words and mischief in his eye
He's befriend the poorest stranger and he'd never question why
He wasn't blessed with wealth; he was content with what he had
I learned the better parts of me from watching Dad

His last boat was my namesake; the one I knew so well
If she could talk her bow would blush at stories she would tell
Of yearly trips on up the Trent her stern hung low with beer
And Walleye fishing off of Meyer's Pier

One night while moored up to the dock, she burned down to her deck
A butt discarded by a Friday drunk without regret
But Dad restored her, bow to stern, and we could cruise again
And feel Lake Erie's misty breeze upon our skin

Dropped Stitches

In the corner cafe you meet old friends
Passing time reflects how they have changed
And each crack in the armour of memory
Shows how beauty and youth slip away
In your own mind you're feeling quite different
In your own mind you're still thirty-nine
You've got many more daydreams to conquer
And many more verses to rhyme


But the years fall away like dropped stitches
And the mirror reflects someone else
And you tally up all your lost wishes
But there's no one to blame but yourself

Conversations become resignation
That life's over before it begins
So you question their yield to surrender
"Can't reality sometimes give in?"
Then you pay for your coffee and head home
You're aware of your feet on the ground
Adding weight to your sober reflections
That the measure of youth can't be found

Cold Winds

Sitting at the table it's five o'clock and dark
We've barely said a word since we sat down
I want to ask what's on your mind but I don't want to hear
'Cause I can read the signs you're northern bound


Cold winds are calling you 'come back to Georgian Bluffs'
I see the distance in your stare
I know you loved me once but once was not enough
Winter's here and now you'll soon be there

You tell me you're conflicted and I know what's coming next
I tough your arm and wait for you to speak
You tell me that you miss that old farm, miss the scent of pine
But without me that whole dream is incomplete

You hold your breath and wait for me to ease your guilty heart
I don't know how to make this go away
You know my life and all I have is in this southern town
So I tell you it's here I have to stay

Two Years Gone

You say that it's just not fair
The rules were never known
And all the hurtles were shared
But the lines had all been drawn
And I never knew what you were looking for
No, I never knew what you were looking for

We struggled over every bar
Tho we never had the stride
We mastered each and every part
But our doubt was hard to hide
And I never knew what you were looking for
No I never knew what you were looking for


What we gave was what we had
It's not a future iron clad
Barefoot on glass, we're on our own
Lifetime of living; two years gone

Now when we meet the rules are clear
You've got your way and I've got mine
We stand with backs against the mirror
Our intentions undefined
And I never knew what you were looking for
No I never knew what you were looking for

You're Still The One

Decades of memories season our lives
though some of them now have grown dim
They show us the richness of triumph and strife
And surround us like smoke on the wind


You're still the anthem that I choose to sing
You're still the laughter that constantly brings me to
Every bright moment that colours my day
You're still the one that I love

It just takes a glance; we don't need any words
As we linger each night by the flames
And you speak my thoughts as our minds both converge
On the oneness that we two became


When darkness surrounds me you flood it with light
When sorrow confines me you make it take flight
You shore up my courage each time that I fail
You're the north wind that launches my sail

You're still my passion, my comfort, my joy
And each time I gaze at your face
The lines reveal stories of times that have buoyed up
Our Fate in this fugitive space

Big Old House

When I was passing seven my Mama bought a house
At the corner of McCain Street on the west side of our town
It had a big old room upstairs with red tile on the floor
And I could dance for hours till my records all were worn


That big old house had gardens with onions, peas and green
And rhubarb that I love today and rows of giant beans
It had a big stone fire place that Daddy built by hand
And we'd shoot cap guns in the alley and build castles in the sane

My room upstairs had windows on two sides
And I could see my friends come round 'cause they all lived close by
And we could play till dusk arrived and ride our bikes for blocks
Then come back home to that big old house where no-one had to knock

But now I'm grown and when I pass that old house on McCain
The garden's gone; the fireplace too and the alley way's been paved
That big old house seems smaller now and that big old yard has shrunk
But in my mind the memories stay locked in my tickle trunk

That big old house seems smaller now, but in my mind it's grand

Does It Cross Your Mind

I wonder if you're missing me the way I'm missing you
do you sigh whenever someone speaks my name
Did you find a way to patch the whole that leaving left behind
Or does the shadow of my memory still remain


Do you think of me at midnight as you wander through your mind
And the woman in your bed has slipped away
Do you think of me at sunrise as the light seeps through the blinds
Does it cross your mind, perhaps you should have stayed

You told me from the start that you were not the staying kind
But I thought I could make you give your heart
I should have known your truth was real and that I'd never win
Cause I'm the only one alone when we're apart

I'd like to think you left cause you were falling hard for me
But you weren't ready to give up your ramblin' ways
But if some day you realize you want me back again
You'll find the door you closed left nothing more to say


I Won't Miss You

You Took Me Dancing


You came to me when I was only seventeen
My mama said to take it slow
But all I saw was my salvation in your eyes
You drew the blinds and let the sunshine flow

And you took me dancing, your heart romanced me
And we made angels in the snow
And tho my mama said that I was way too young
I knew with you my future would unfold

You had my father's heart and songs that filled my soul
Our contradictions disappeared from sight
Your melodies of life expanded who I was
As we ignited memory's candle light

And you took me dancing, your heart romanced me
And we made music in the night
And tho my mama said that I was too naive
I knew somehow that what we'd found was right

But through the years our candles burned a different pace
The paths we walked lead us into a different place
The seeds of time were nurtured into someone else's dream
You came to me when I was seventeen

And you took me dancing, your heart romanced me
And made a future from our dreams
And though our journeys lead us each in separate ways
We shared a special love song in between
Ah, you came to me when I was seventeen

I Won't Miss You

The distance in between us as we sit across the table
Speaks louder than the words that we don't say
I see the way you look at her; you want her like I wanted you
But I don't want to want you past today

You pull your hand away from mine; your eyes betray the cold hard lie
As you swear to me that she is just a friend
You think that I don't know your heart; that I've forgotten how we started
But I can see just how this story ends

I won't miss you when your gone; and I won't cry when I'm alone
And I won't call your name out when the shadows fall
No I won't miss you when your gone

So take your heart and you can give it all to her
And take your word; I never should have let you into my world

The distance in between us as we sit across the table
Holds the truth that makes it hard to stay
I stand up now to walk away and say the words you could not say
Cause I don't want to want you past today


Taking a Chance

I'm taking a chance on you, luv
The genie is out, the bottle is dry
I've won and I've lost and learned all the lessons
I'm tired of asking for reasons to cry

You came through the door when my heart was beaten, down
You offered your hand and rendered your smile
You told me you noticed, but just from a distance
That I was unhappy and it wasn't my style

You gathered me up and put me together
You brushed off the dust and carried me home
I settled right in to the space that was empty
You gave me a comfort that I've never known

I'm taking a chance on you, luv
The genie is out, the bottle is dry
I've won and I've lost and learned all the lessons
And finally found all the reasons to try

Come July

For ten years I've watched as you searched for your voice
Cross the country from east back to west
I questioned a lot of the choices you made
But I reckoned they're part of life's test

Then somewhere between bars and boredom
You discovered the wonder was gone
It's a long way from Memphis, or so the song says
But you packed up your heart and moved on

Come July, when the day lillies bloom
And the pond floats it's lights neath the moon
Come July, when your heart is half here and half home
Come July, all the good-byes are gone

With resolve in your head, you adjusted the script
And you let go the vision to fate
But the same old seduction was calling to you
With your head and your heart in debate

Then out of the chaos of love and of loss
Came the voice of a sunrise in May
He was true; he was real; he could see to your soul
And your shaddows fell quickly away


Tomorrow is the Day

You came when fall was ending; you brought your broken heart
And I could see it needed mending; someone had torn it all apart
I took you into shelter and you took all I had to give
The story ended at the start, you couldn't break free from the dark and let your broken heart forgive

So you don't have to tell me that you'll soon be leaving
I feel it in your touch, your alibis are such, that I can see deceiving
The chain of chance has parted and the links have fallen free
Tomorrow is the day; tomorrow I will stay, and you'll be leaving me

The scent of springtime caught the air; its fragrance pulled your heart away
The search for what you lost was in your stare; I held no reigns to make you stay
Your emptiness will fill the room and hold your presence in my mind
And though I held you for a while, your thoughts could not erase her smile or leave her memory behind


Called Your Number

Called you number, heard your voice
Took my breath like winter winds
Rooms are empty, words unsaid
Your heart has found the river's end

And I wish I could have known you; the bridge between an endless span
All my dreams I could have shown you, but time escaped the shifting sand

Conversations, there were few
But they linger on my mind
Like the scent of apple blossoms
On a day when life is kind


Then the winter took its measure.
In that instant you were gone
Called your number, heard your voice
Through that memory I move on


Talkin' 'Bout The Weather

I spent a lifetime tryin' to make you understand
What I was all about
I tried to talk, I tried to tell you who I was
But in your eyes I saw the doubt

And everytime we'd meet, we'd sit and talk about the weather
We never shared a single strand of life
It seemed too hard to reach you and it hurt so much to try
I guess the time was never right

It meant so much to me for you to see my worth
I tried so hard to please
I saw the life you had, I saw what you'd been through
I tried to give what you would need

But every time we'd meet we'd sit and talk about the weather
And superficial stories of our friends
I tried so hard to teach you what my life was all about and
How much on you I wanted to depend

The page has turned and now you're free of all your fears
But I'm left with no resolve
I sit and ponder why the last dance never came
And if you ever felt my love

'Cause every time we'd meet, we'd sit and talk about the weather
And in my heart I longed for your embrace
The blanket of our stories neatly tucked ou love inside
Leaving empty words upon an empty page

Inside Out Again

You glance my way; the room falls empty
Angels sing when you call my name
You touch my arm; it courses through me
You've turned me inside out again.

You turn me inside out again, luv
My inner fears fall out like rain
You shine your light to fill the spaces
You turn me inside out again

And like the leaf that unfolds slowly
As life renews itself in spring
You gently open all my secrets
You turn me inside out again


I thought my life was full without you
I thought I'd nothing more to gain
You reached right through my self-denial
And turned me inside out again


You Draw Me Back

I know it’s over as you turn away
And leave the third time since July
I know this just ain’t good and yet it seems
I always find a way to justify

I’m drawn right back with every phrase you offer
I’m pulled back in to yesterday once more
You read my mind and know just what I need to hear
To tell my heart we’re like we were before

You come back round like nothing’s different
You try to bend my truth to yours
You fill my peace with ruptured memories
Of distant days and distant times that worked


Bridge: We’ve rode this storm for seven years come springtime
We both know there’s no rainbow at the end

But you draw me back with every phrase you offer
You pull me in to yesterday once more
You read my mind; you know just what I need to hear
To tell my heart we’re like we were before
And I tell my heart we’re like we were before

Twenty Years

When we met we both were on our second chance
Both knowing what we had to lose
We held back; we never had that second dance
Heartaches from the past still feeling new

Then from deep within a spark began to burn
Its warmth caressed our timid hearts
And all the lessons that we both thought we had learned
No longer held the strength to keep our souls apart

For twenty years you've loved my darkness and my light
You've always held me when I cried
For twenty years you've warmed my body in the night
For twenty years you're by my side

You kept the best of me locked tightly in your soul
And let my shadows fall away
You lit the fire that kept me sheltered from the cold
And held the wretched world at bay


When we met we both were on our second chance
But had a lifetime yet to live
The moon shone down on us and taught us how to dance
And showed us what we had to give


More Than Often On My Mind

We spent many years together.
We bought the fairytale for two
Many trials we did weather
It wasn't quite enought for you

But there's a ribbon running through our lives
That keeps the fabric from unwinding
And even though we're only friends now
You're more than often on my mind

We built a home to play the straight life
A frame so strong I thought it couldn't bend
But I could see the darkness in your eyes
That held the future and the end


It's many years since we parted
The flowers we planted now in bloom
And all the memories that we started
Rest on my mind like morning dew


Beautiful Lies

You're telling me beautiful lies
As sweet as magnolias in spring
You make me believe that I've captured your heart
You're telling me beautiful lies

She's with you again when we meet
No need to explain or defend
Just filling the spaces with words that appease
Convinces me she's just a friend

Chorus: 'Cause you're telling me……

There's a shadow of doubt on the shade
As two bodies embrace into dawn
The morning brings forth alibis to persuade
That you were alone after all

Chorus: ‘Cause you're telling me…..

The eyes of deceit stare me down
I swallow the message they give
I can't let you go so my pride will be bound
To the fantasy I choose to live


Never Thought I’d Love Again

The day he left my world turned upside down
The life I'd known just disappeared
I heard my heart cry out "come back to me"
But his was gone too far to hear

I never thought that I would love again
I never thought that this old heart would mend
I never thought that I'd get over him
I never thought I'd love again

Then from a distant past I heard your voice
It cut like crystal through the air
And as we reminisced of love and loss
We etched a destiny to share

CHORUS: I never thought…..

Beer Caps In My Laundry

You've been with me since '94
With three kids and no locks upon the door
You stagger in each morning with "forgive me" on your breath
But I can't do this any more.

You sober up just long enough to score
Your puppet master's crashed upon our floor
The kids are tired of losing you  to bottles and to smoke
And I can't do this anymore.

I can't do this any more
The beer caps in my laundry and the bottles on the floor
Tell me, I can't do this anymore.

There ain't no lovin' like before
The essence is long gone that I adored
I need to set my future free; I need for you to go
'Cause I can't do this anymore

Coda:  The love is gone, my heart's grown cold, so pack your life and go
          'Cause I can't do this anymore
          I just can't do this anymore!


Lyrics from previous demo --

Here We Go Again

Here we go again it's just like yesterday
You tell me that you really care
You don't make promises designed to make me stay
But I believe them anyway

What's that mystery that you're laying at my feet?
My heart is worth more than it gets
It should be filled with words of love meant just for me
But history says I'll only get regret

The writing's on the wall just like it was before
But still I let you take me in
And I'm convinced I'll get the prize behind the door
Although it's not my style to win


I tell myself someday the light will filter through
That curtain that protects you from my charms
And you'll want more from one than what you take from two
I'll be the woman cradled in your arms

But can I hold on long enought for you to change
My heart is worth more than it gets
And will my candle keep its flame throughout the rain
When history says I'll only get regret